You have unused information hidden in your point of sale software, procurement and human resource systems, spreadsheets, bank statements etc. Harness their full potential. Convert isolated data points into key drivers in business decisions. We provide advanced statistical and mathematical tools to re-invent your business.

  • Procurement Optimization: Minimize storage costs and dead goods by understanding how much to procure and from which supplier using historic data.
  • Demand prediction: Anticipate seasonal spikes in customer demand, and popularity of particular products.
  • Cashflow Analysis: Avoid surprises by understanding your cashflow patterns.
  • Expansion and Change Management: Identify and manage expansion opportunities.
  • Pricing Sweet Spots: Come up with pricing strategies to optimize profitability.
  • Differential Pricing: Tactical, demand-driven pricing to optimize resource utilization.
  • Impact and Scenario Analysis: Use stress-test tools to understand the impact of potential scenarios on your business.

Our mission is to help level the playing field for SMEs by providing advanced analytics solutions that heir bigger MNC competitions with deep pockets use. We develop bespoke analytics tools based on your needs.