We are a new startup by a CERN scientist turned entrepreneur, and we plan to bring cutting-edge analytics and automation solutions to every SME.

Analytics SME is here to bring the high-powered tools so far accessible only to big players with deep pockets. It is founded with one driving belief — Information technology is about extracting information from all possible data sources and converting them into coherent intelligence and actionable knowledge to help business leaders excel. It is not about a web site or an e-commerce portal.

We at Analytics SME will develop customized tools to integrate your data sources, simplify your user interfaces and managerial views so that you are in touch with the heartbeat of your business. We will bring the same statistical tools used in cutting edge scientific research and quantitative finance to your business.

We also believe in automating as many business processes as possible, especially with a view to minimizing your dependence on manpower, which is hard to come by in Singapore. We will provide consultancy services and take your technology support off your hands if you need it.